Speakers are one of the most important peripherals of computers. How to buy a pair of high-quality speakers is a problem that everyone cares about. But ordinary users don’t know how to test the quality of the judging speakers. Here we introduce to you some simple methods of operation.



  One, touch.

  The most important thing to get the speaker is to touch it in your hand to get its first impression. First of all, if the speaker is heavy in the hand, if it is a two-channel speaker, one will be heavier, because it has a built-in power amplifier circuit and power transformer, if it is lighter, it is suspected of cutting corners; secondly, in terms of speaker materials, Generally, the sound quality of a wooden box is higher than that of a plastic box, and the thicker the box, the better.

  In addition to touching the weight, check whether the knobs, switches, and plugs are exquisite in workmanship, especially whether the joints of the box body are tight and whether they are polished smoothly. For cabinets that look like wooden speakers, take strict precautions against the medium-density boards used, and check whether the surface is smooth or not. If there are bumps, then the level of workmanship can basically be judged, which is also an excellent reason for us to keep prices down.

  Two, look.

  The main thing is not to be confused by the appearance. In order to attract users, some speakers imitate famous-brand speakers to make the appearance very beautiful. In fact, at this time, we must pay special attention to looking at the details. For speakers that rely on appearance instead of focusing on fine quality, the quality will naturally not be too good. Save with Currys discount code  and Currys nhs discount code At NHS Discount Code

When you look at it, check the material of the diaphragm. At present, there are many materials for the speaker diaphragm. Please refer to the principle of hard and soft, not soft and rigid when purchasing. Secondly, it depends on the size of the speaker’s unit caliber. The larger the caliber, the higher the sensitivity and the better low-frequency response.


Three, listen.

  After making a basic test on the speakers, we are going to listen to the actual sound effects. The first step of listening is to check the magnitude of the current sound, that is, only connect the speaker power, and then adjust the volume to the maximum. Since there is no audio input at this time, the smaller the sound you hear, the better; when testing the sound quality, it is recommended It is more appropriate to adjust the volume to about 2/3. Different test sound sources should be selected for different sound quality of test speakers. If the test sound source is of high quality, CDs are generally selected. Among them, cello music can be selected for bass testing, vocals can be used for midrange testing, violin music can be used for treble testing, and dance music with a strong sense of rhythm can be selected for dynamic testing. Try not to use the audio source recommended by the manufacturer during the test, and use the audio source prepared by yourself.  Shop now Ao discount code and Ao nhs discount code At NHS Discounts And NHS Discounts Coupons

  When listening, you should also try the penetrating power of its speakers. A good speaker has a very high penetrating power. When testing the penetrating power, you can artificially set some noise, and then see if you can clearly hear the test sound source. It should be noted that the sound source heard is not heard because of the high sound, but has high penetration, just like screaming, although in a messy environment, people can hear it very clearly.

  It should be said that after the three steps of touching, watching and listening, the quality of the speakers can basically be judged. Of course, in the actual test process, due to the limitations of the test conditions and environment, there will be certain errors. Therefore, you do not prevent you from changing to several stores for testing, especially when buying high-end speakers. This is particularly important.


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