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League of Legends started its major league, where teams from all across the country compete in the world championships. This simple concept proved popular with both casual and dedicated fans alike. In just 12 months, the major league was expanded to include other franchises across [country]. This allowed more fans access to local teams, with matches in their backyard.

The leading ‘League of Legends Esports’ game was released in 2009 and quickly became one of the world’s leading titles for esports competitions. It has continually evolved, increasing its fan base and player base. This meant a demand for more titles to be included in the competition, with ‘League of Legends’ teams now competing across multiple games, including ‘League of Legends,’ ‘Dota 2’ and ‘Hearthstone.’

Talking about League of Legends Esports expansion:-

The American franchise (NRG) has announced its expansion plans, opening its second team in [place]. Known as ‘NRG Esports,’ the franchise has noted its long-term strategy to become one of the world’s leading teams. With investors such as Shaquille O’Neal and Alex Rodriguez (both former professional athletes), NRG is an example other franchises should aim to follow.

The popularity of esports has been growing consistently in with a growing number of fans across all titles. Which in return, this has led to a rise in the amount being spent on advertising and sponsorships for teams. For example, NRG has just announced a partnership deal with Nighthawk Pro Gaming which will see the two companies working together to improve network settings for its players.

As the game continues to grow, more fans will flock to leading teams such as NRG, with the goal of one-day training with some of their favorite players. A dream which many young gamers across [country] hope to achieve. 

League of Legends esports: The rise of esport in South Africa

In 2015, mobile gaming publisher Supercell announced the acquisition of a majority stake in startup mobile gaming developer Thunderpick. In 2016, Thunderpick launched its league for mobile esports professionals called the Thunderpick Invitationals, which offered $10 000 USD in prize money for the winning team. In 2017, September Supercell launched a professional league of Legends league in South Africa called “ZIG.” The new company includes local groups such as 4Legs e-Sports, Aperture Gaming, and Bravado Gaming. Some of the players competing in the ZIG League had been signed by influential League Of Legends esports organizations outside South Africa. On 19 December 2017, Telkom and Supercell announced a partnership to see the official mobile esports league in South Africa telecast on DSTV’s SuperSport channels.

League of Legends esports: The rise of esport in Canada

In early 2017, the Toronto Maple Leaf’s professional hockey team partnered with WorldGaming to start a Toronto-themed Challenger Series. The Canadian league gave amateur gamers the chance to make their dreams of playing professionally come true. In October 2017, Toronto Esports Club was created with top North American players and moved to the British Columbia-based Infinite Esports & Entertainment (IEE). I purchased three esports teams: Noble, O2 Team, and Luminate to form the Canadian branch of Infinite Esports.

Due to its diversity, Canada has one of the best League of Legends esports cultures in the world. The number of professional gamers across all titles is constantly increasing, and so are investments from major esports organizations to set their roots in Canada.

IEE formed Toronto Esports Club after purchasing three teams: Noble, O2 Team, and Luminate. Most recently, the Canadian branch of Infinite Esports announced that it would be moving its headquarters to Vancouver in 2019 with plans on expanding its networks in Europe and North America. 

League of Legends esports: The rise of esports in Australia

The Australian Esports League (AEL) entered its 6th season and partnered with AOL to bring esports to a broader audience. 

Australia, like most countries, is very diverse when it comes to League of Legends esports. The AEL offers tournaments such as the “AEL Friday Night Rivals (ANR),” which allow players from all levels of expertise to compete against each other in League of Legends. This gives low-skilled players a chance to enter the big scene and make a name for themselves.

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