League of Legends Esports

Since its release in 2009, the video game League of Legends has become one of the most popular games on the planet. The multiplayer online battle arena boasts over 27 million active daily users worldwide , contributing to a total playtime of over 1 billion hours per day .  This time spent playing the game has caught the attention of several major entertainment companies, who are now taking advantage of the game’s expansive player base to expand into new forms of media. One of these expansions is League of Legends esports levelrts which boasts an audience of over 60 million viewers worldwide . 

What is League of Legends esports good for?

League of Legends (or LoL) can be played in one of two ways: online, or in person with an opponent living nearby. When playing online, players find opponents via matchmaking based on their skill level. Once two players are matched together, they compete against each other in a game that cannot be paused or rewound . The rule of the game is simple: destroy the opposing team’s Nexus to win . However, the strategy behind how to accomplish this objective is much more complicated than it appears on the surface. Each player controls a single champion and is assisted by computer-controlled minions, which spawn at the Nexus every thirty seconds.

League of Legends has changed professional gaming as we know it forever:-

League of Legends Esports players must master individual skills such as last-hitting (or killing a minion while only receiving the gold from one), managing their champion’s abilities via cooldowns and available mana, and avoiding enemy attacks while positioning themselves effectively in a team fight. Even then, players may find that they are still unable to compete at the highest levels against pro players who have dedicated their lives to mastering these skills.

What’s so special about League of Legends Esports? 

Well, League of Legends also features numerous game types, each with its own unique twist on the core concept described above. These game types are referred to as “summoner’s rift”, and can be played on either one of three maps or difficulties: normal, ranked, and bot. Normal is the most popular game type by far, boasting 55 million active players per month . The concept is similar to matchmaking, except players are matched with a random opponent over the internet rather than someone who lives nearby. Ranked games are very similar to normal games, but feature a ladder system that awards players for climbing higher in the rankings and penalizes those who drop levels instead of rising. 

The bot game type is the only one without a userbase as large as normal or ranked games, but it still boasts seven million active monthly players. In this game type, the player battles against an army of computer-controlled bots which are designed to mimic real players as closely as possible.

Regardless of which game type is being played, League of Legends Esports provides gamers with a unique gaming experience enjoyed by players of all interests and skill levels. The game features dozens of interesting and powerful champions, each with their own unique abilities and stats. This means that no matter what sort of character a player prefers, there’s someone out there to fit the bill.

The characters themselves being just a small part of the gameplay though. League of Legends Esports also boasts deep strategy elements that have drawn in tens of millions of players worldwide . In order to win, players must not only understand their own champion and how it interacts with other champions and the environment, but they must also learn how to work as a team with four other players. This aspect of the game is what most excites many gamers, as teamwork is often an essential part of any strategy-based game.

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