Psychometric tests are tools used in the recruitment process for assessing the personality, skills, and intelligence of candidates. Recruiters utilize the results of these tests to check if the candidate is a suitable match for the organization where he/she is applying.

Psychometric tests are structured and standardized. They are known to evaluate the capacity of a candidate accurately in different spheres of work life.

These tests are designed to assess the candidate’s ability to work with others, cope with different kinds of stressors, and process information accurately. Several psychometric tests are taken online, but at times the employer may take paper tests as well.

Psychometric Tests Brief History

Psychometric tests are not a new concept in the market. People have been using this technology since the beginning of 20thcentury but were majorly used in the educational sector. Alfred Binet was the first to come up with an ‘intelligence test’ in the year 1905.

With time, psychometric tests have evolved and become a common feature in any selection process, especially in large, competitive firms. These organizations prefer to use such tests for assessing the acquired skills of the candidate rather than the education background for example fresher can beat to CCS University Merit list student.

When And Why Are Psychometric Tests Used?

Graduate recruiters make use of psychometric tests for the following purposes:

  1. These tests are impersonal and objective, allowing comparison between candidates in terms of their abilities without any unconscious bias;
  2. Psychometric tests make the entire recruitment process much more efficient which is known to represent significant HR costs;
  3. They have been proven to be reliable and valid indicators of job performance in the future.
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Psychometric tests can be administered at any point of the recruitment process, but they are usually undertaken in any of these three stages:

  1. Right after the application form is submitted
  2. In the form of an add-on during the interview
  3. Right after or before the actual interview

What Do These Tests Measure?

The work ‘psychometric’ was derived from Greek words that meant measurement and mental. The three major areas that psychometric tests measure include aptitude, capabilities, and checking if the candidate’s personality is in sync with the organization’s culture. To be precise, these tests aim to measure intelligence, personality, aptitude, ability to handle pressure, and general working style. These tests have benefited several firms in recruiting the right people into their firms.

Preparing for Psychometric Tests

If candidates practice aptitude tests that are similar to the ones administered in the recruitment process, it is likely to increase the real test results. Practicing increases the familiarity towards these complicated tests. There are several websites that offer candidates questions that are generally asked in aptitude tests.

Psychometric Tests are similar to interviews. It requires a lot of concentration. Therefore, every candidate must get enough sleep and rest before taking the test. Reading the instructions carefully is very important to avoid mistakes. You will be given practice examples before you start taking the actual test. Asking questions in case of instruction ambiguity is also very important.

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