In this modern era, people are striving for getting a good education. We also know, education made a man/woman a better person. The reason behind this is, Education helps the person to gain or improve his knowledge and also increase the person’s status in society. To get proper education is the right of every person. Education is the main thing, which helps the people to know about what’s good for them and what’s bad for them. And it’s because of the education people are getting stable in their life. An educated person has a more chance of getting a good financial job than a non-educated person. But nowadays people are getting judged by not their color or cast but by their education. In this modern world, although education is important there are several things which people need to understand.

Below this, we have discussed in detail the misconception regarding education

More education means More fees:

Every person has a dream to get himself educated, but in some part of his life, he has to put stop to his dream because of the money problems. Money nowadays is the main problem which makes the parents stop their children from getting more education.  As we know, fees increase with the increase of education. Parents have to pay fees for children’s tuitions, schools, and also for school buses. Rich people can afford all these things, but in the middle, these things might become hard after some time. But they don’t no longer have to care about fees anymore because many schools/ universities institutes are now offering scholarships for the students who are facing financial problems. Even the government has also introduced schemes for the students who are facing financial problems. Through scholarships and schemes, he doesn’t have to pay for school/ universities fees anymore, and he/she will have more time to focus on his/her studies.

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Coeducation is another misconception that people have gotten about education. In many countries, the coeducation system is being applied at the lower level (schools) and upper level (college/universities).  As coeducation is increasing the fear of parents for their children also increases. Many people in the west believe that there are more chances of children getting bad habits from co-education, but they don’t longer have to worry about it anymore. With the help of coeducation, there are more chances of people getting more successful in life. The reason is simple, co-education builds the character of a person. Coeducation also eliminates the fear of a person talking to the opposite gender person.  

Modern Education:

These past three years have brought many changes in the life of people of every country in the world. Covid 19 has forced the education institutes to close down their physical education. Now Education system has been shifted to online education. When this decision was done, many people were not agreeing with it and even parents still believe that online education is wrong for their children. They believe, their children get distracted during online education. Another thing which concerns them is that students and teachers aren’t aware of the new technology and it will be quite hard for them. To prove this wrong, many schools and universities are now using apps like skype and zoom for online education. Teachers are getting proper training regarding the apps. For students, online education has become quite successful. Many students have improved their grades in online education. This is because in online education student is getting proper time and attention from their respected teacher.

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Online education is very helpful for many religious parents. Muslim parents can now teach their kids Noorani Qaida at home. They can download Noorani Qaida for the kid from the internet or can also teach their children or they can also teach them the Noorani Qaida through different online platforms.  

Most subjects which are taught in school are useless:

Many students and as well as parents believe that most subjects which are taught in schools are useless, and these subjects don’t make any sense. These things occur in everyone’s mind when they are young. But as they grow and proceed with their education for higher studies, they finally understand the reason behind studying those subjects. Subjects which are taught in school and which students thought will be useless are the basics for those subjects which they have to learn in future. For example, many people think that their children should learn Quran instead of teaching them first the Noorani Qaida. But they fail to understand that Noorani Qaida for kids is the basic of the Quran. If their kids have a strong grip on these basics, they should be able to learn Quran quickly.

More Home Work:

This is the main misconception regarding education which most teachers have in their minds. Teachers think by giving more homework the students will be able to learn more. But the thing which most teachers fail to understand is, that student loses interest in studies when they get big homework’s. Big homework also affects the health of students because they can’t be able to play and sleep properly. To overcome this issue, many school, colleges, and universities are training their teachers and also monitor the performance of their teachers regarding homework.

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As we all know education is important for every person in this world. The reason behind the success of every developing country is education. These developing countries make the education of their youth their number one priority. But there are things which people fail to understand sometimes regarding education, and it’s up to us to help these people. As an educated person we have to always educate others and gives respect to everyone. This is because, sometimes many educated people look down upon the non-educated person, and we have seen many falls of the nation in history in which people give value to each other. We have to make sure also that we give proper education to women because many countries in the west believe that education is only for men. But we should know getting an education is the right of every in this world. Whether he is male, female, or even transgender.

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