Kedarkantha is an amazingly terrific trek that displays gorgeous vistas of snow-covered mountains during winters. Although seasons except for winter are also feasible for an expedition, winter unfolds a distinct side of Kedarkantha that delights every soul climbing the summit. Uttarakhand has the origin of this independent peak that resides in the Govind Wildlife sanctuary in Uttarkashi district. The elevation rises up to 12, 500 ft. It is an easy to moderate trek familiar for beginners. The wonders that you can witness in the Kedarkantha trek ensue below.


Village Safari in Sankri

Sankri being the first basecamp of the trek is widely known for its cultural villages. Exploring the local traditions in those villages you come across the dwellers exhibiting a peaceful sense of living in those remote areas. The houses are built of wood and some of them also welcome visitors. This could further add up to your experience of a new way of living and you can even try their local delicacies. Especially during winters, a landscape of snow covering the settlement step by step is portrayed which is extremely surreal.


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Zipline Ride at Sankri

It offers an aerial view of the Sankri village and stretches up to 700 meters. An acclimatizing session is undertaken before embarking on this adventurous ride. From a height of 100 meters, the snow-covered Saur and Sankri village is unraveled to your vision. While you are drawn along the zipline, you find your soul liberating. The thrill is inexplicable and could only be realized if one is boarded upon it.

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An endurance trail

As you get closer to the summit the peak becomes visible and your spirits are raised. The trail is through forests and clearings covered with thick mounts of snow. At certain points, the incline is steeper, involving significant perseverance to stick to the trail. However, the spectacular vistas of high ranges and rare species of fauna strolling amidst coniferous forests keep you engrossed in the trek. The snow-clad meadows require you to wear micro-spikes sneakers to thrive.


A Visit to Someshwar Temple

The Someshwar Mahadev temple is built in the remembrance of Lord Shiva and carries enough faith of the residing villagers at Sankri. The Temple is not only known for its auspicious significance but it has also got a special place in the hearts of people whoever has seen it crossing their paths. The temple is built with deodar wood that is sculpted with rich historical events and culture. Besides, it resembles the art of pure wood. There are local deities placed inside the temple and during the festival, the localites take a resort there.


Juda ka Talab

It is a landmark destination or campsite of KedarKantha Trek.  The first day of trekking rests at Juda ka Talab which is a pristine lake and embodies a reflection of the galactic sky above it. Camping beside the talab is as rejuvenating as taking a dip in it. The high-altitude oasis is believed to be a result of water droplets falling from Lord Shiva’s hair. After a 4km trek from Sankri, you reach Juda ka Talab campsite.

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Highpoint View

The high-point view here is the vista that unwinds at the Kedarkantha peak. Rise before the sun on the summit day to reach the peak early and again descend back to the Kedarkantha base camp by afternoon. The climb becomes relatively challenging and as a winter trail, it is colder as well. As you reach the peak you will notice cairns and finally, the summit will be accomplished by you. A panoramic view of eminent mountains adds to the excitement. The walk along the ridge of Kedarkantha peak is beyond happiness.

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Skiing the Incline

The trek to Kedarkantha during winters opens up another opportunity of Skiing instead of trekking. The activity of skiing is favorable during the months of January and February when snow is intact. Sliding through snow-covered meadows along the trail has a different feeling of enthusiasm. Skiing courses are available if you require any to avoid a troublesome experience. It is also an opportunity to add a new skill to your list. If you are looking forward to breaking the monotony of foot trekking then skiing is the best alternative. Ensure that you have learned effectively.


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