What is The Need of Carrying a Car Charger?

Imagine it is one of those busy weekdays, you are on your way to a very important business meeting, you are already running late, there is traffic all around, your boss is yelling on the phone and boom! Your phone battery is exhausted. Now what are the odds of your infuriated boss firing you from the job right away? I say highly positive.

Another situation in another world where a happy housewife is out for some grocery shopping and her kids are back at home creating havoc. What happens when you hear one of them crashing into a wall and bam! Your phone dies again. Terrifying, isn’t it?

If just reading about these situations can give you horrible nightmares then you would never want them to come to reality. Dreams come true but nightmares shouldn’t so, this is your sign to get yourself a car charger right away.


Additional Advantages of Using a Car Charger?

Everyone knows the basic objective of using a car charger and that is to charge your smartphone while you are operating your vehicle. But it is the age of more, we are always looking for something additional as we are about to make a purchase. Nothing sustains unless it satisfies multiple needs therefore, technicians have developed multi-purpose car chargers that cater to various demands of a user.

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Some of these additional advantages of a car charger as given below:

       Car chargers are designed in such a manner that they are made suitable for all kinds of smartphones

       Car chargers come with USB wires for connecting your devices to the port

       Car chargers provide excellent charging speed for our convenience.

       Car chargers also come with LED indicators so that you will be notified about your battery percentage

       Car chargers are so easy to install that you don’t need any technical assistance for it

Different Types of Car Chargers

We say more the variety, more is the convenience and comfort of the customer. We cannot expect one kind of a car charger to serve all varieties of smartphones or all kinds of our needs. Therefore, technicians and developers have been considerate about all our needs and designed 4 broad categories of car chargers.

Let us take a look at each one of them with a perspective of a buyer and see which one suits our needs the most.

1.     Rapid Car Chargers – 

These chargers come with super-fast charging speed, just as the name suggests. These car chargers are highly efficient for the working class who barely get time to charge their smartphones all throughout the day.

One major advantage of these chargers is that you can also operate your phone while it is being charged.


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2.     Trickle Car Chargers –

These car chargers literally trickle the current out of the car battery to charge your smartphones. Naturally, this takes a longer time than usual. These car chargers are suitable for those who have a weaker car battery that cannot support heavy electrical loads.


3.     Fast Car Chargers –

These car chargers are almost similar to the rapid car charger variety except the fact that these chargers tend to produce excessive heat while charging your device and it might cause minor damage.


4.     Wireless Car Chargers –

Just as the name suggests these car chargers do not require a USB connector wire. Instead, they use a hands-free mount for easy and convenient wireless charging. It is important that your smartphone must support a wireless charging system before you install these chargers in your cars.



Now that you have familiarized yourself with all types of car chargers, you might as well buy yourself one. If you are looking forward to buying a decent car charger then visit the site of Carorbis. You will find amazing deals and surprising offers at our page. You can also check out a multi pin car charger at Carorbis to avail all the special offers.

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